printing presses
•    printing widths from 350 mm to 680 mm
•    maximum number of colours 12
•    all common applications on paper and foil
•    many possibilities for front and back printing in one print run
•    all facilities for in- and off-line process control
•    applications include cold seal, heat seal,  UV varnishes and infrared drying
•    advanced after-burn technology for more eco-friendly production
•    interchangeable printing cylinders create maximum internal back-up facilities
finishing machines
•    rotary punch and role cutters
•    wide range of punch applications

off-line laminating machine
•    solvent-free lamination
•    both duplex and triplex materials
•    combined paper-foil is possible
•    also of packing of transparent foil against 100% papers provide with interrupted windows

inspection machine
•    final inspection of product quality by automatic error detection

Our test laboratory also comprises extensive facilities for testing tensile strength, Hot Tack, Rest Solvents, slip and barcodes.

We are the proud owners of one of the latest printing narrowweb/shortrun presses available: the Rotomec MW 60. A 12 colour gravure press offering endless options for printing paper and film. Not only are we delighted with this, but our clients are very happy, too. Zwart will therefore be purchasing a second similar press at the beginning of 2009.

Read more about the benefits of Zwart's unique Rotomec MW 60.

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