Biscuits and Confectionary
The market for biscuits and confectionary is a highly competitive one. There is no other area of shelving in the supermarket where so many products compete for the consumer’s attention. If a product’s packaging stands out, it is far more likely to be picked off the shelf by the consumer.
Zwart supplies a wide variety of gravure printing materials in this field, and is able to produce even small-scale runs. Responding flexibly and fast to your requirements.

A selection of names that outsource production of their packaging materials to Zwart: Bolletje, Haust, Hellema, Van Delft Biscuits, Helwa Wafelbakkerij BV and Perfetti van Melle.

Zwart produces a variety of inner packaging products, including sealing monofilms, laminates and cold-seal in register. We also produce outer wrappers. Our products are suitable for both horizontally and vertically operating packaging machines.

Packaging with a personal approach